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How Does Alcohol

Change a Person's Personality

Charles was known to everyone as a kind, considerate and a meek person who would not harm a fly. Even though he was a big man, he never got into arguments and would walk away from confrontations.

So why was he standing in the dock of the Magistrates Court being charged with violent behaviour, assault and damaging private property? Charles was known to everyone as a kind, considerate and a meek person who would not harm a fly. Even though he was a big man, he never got into arguments and would walk away from confrontations.

So why was he standing in the dock of the Magistrates Court being charged with violent behaviour, assault and damaging private property?

His Defence Lawyer pleaded mitigation on the grounds that Charles was drunk at the time and was not responsible for his actions.

The Prosecution Lawyer emphasised that being drunk was not an excuse, and Charles was fully responsible for his actions.

He was sent to prison for two months and on his release, he asked to see me for a consultation to try Clinical Hypnotherapy. He thought that hypnotherapy treatment may prevent something similar happening again.

The Consultation

As he walked through the door of my hypnotherapy consultation room, I could see he lacked confidence. His was looking at the floor and making no eye contact. I found myself feeling sorry for him, and it crossed my mind that was I one of the growing numbers of bullies in this world, I would have no problem bullying him. I have no idea why I thought that – a strange thought indeed!

When I asked him why he was seeing me, his reply was,
“I have just been released from prison.”

I admit I was shocked and had to control my voice when I asked him “Why?”

“I was out with my friends, and they secretly put vodka in my drinks, and I got very drunk. It was the first time I have ever drunk alcohol as I always have non-alcoholic beverages when I am out with my friends. I've never been interested in alcohol.”

He then continued with, “I don’t know what come over me. Someone said I looked like an idiot, and I suddenly went wild. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I was told that I punched one of my friends so hard it broke his jaw and then started to smash up everything I could get my hands on.”

Then after a moment's pause, he added,

“I'm told It took six men to restrain me and eventually hand me over to the police.”
In as calm a voice I could muster, I asked, “So how do you think I can help you with Hypnotherapy treatment?”

He replied, looking down at the floor, “Perhaps you can hypnotise me and tell me never to get violent again?”

He was pleading rather than just answering a question, and I felt a deep empathy for him as I know from personal experience how difficult it is to get real help when needed.
“Charles, let me firstly say that I understand how these things can happen. It is an unfortunate part of the workings of the Unconscious Mind and your Ego.”

He was now looking at me intensely with a puzzled expression.
“Secondly, let me say that hypnosis, or Hypnotherapy Treatment for alcohol-related problems, does not work in such a simple way. Even if I could, I would not try to give you hypnotic suggestions that you will never drink alcohol again or behave in the way you did or that you would never be violent again. That would be taking your money under false pretensions as I doubt the suggestions would last more than a month or two, or even days.”

He looked disappointed and started to stand up to leave.

“Wait, Charles. Let me finish!”

He sat down again looking at the floor.

“What I was about to say was that I would firstly explain why you behaved as you did and then we will create a course of treatment to attempt to remove the root cause of the problem. Hopefully, that will ensure that it is unlikely you will ever act that way again. Agreed?”

Charles nodded his head in agreement and we then continued the session.

The Explanation and Treatment

I explained to Charles that we all have two parts to our minds, and those two parts are sometimes in conflict. The part of our mind that we are fully aware of is the Conscious Mind. This controls our behaviour and character. It is developed throughout our lives and produces what is sometimes known as the ‘Persona’, how we want others to see us. Movie stars are good examples of what the person really is and what the public is shown.
The part of the mind that we are not aware of at a Conscious level is the Unconscious Mind, sometimes knows as the ‘Subconscious’. That part of our mind continually tries to influence the Conscious Mind.

Unfortunately, the Unconscious Mind contains some pretty bad things that if they were allowed to surface would cause many problems in the society we live in.

An example of that is the Survival Instinct that is within the Unconscious Mind. When that is allowed to surface, which it does under certain conditions, we are capable of killing to survive. Soldiers in a war, or being a member of a lynch mob, for example.
However, in a normal society, the feeling of wanting to kill is suppressed and not allowed to surface.

So what stops the undesirable instincts and feelings surfacing?

Simply put, it is the ‘Ego’. On my Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course, I like to describe this as the ‘Gate Keeper’ that is like a trap door between the Unconscious and the Conscious Minds. It is developed throughout our lives according to the society we live in.

For example, in the Amazon jungle, being naked in public may be acceptable, but in the U.K., it is not and even though the law is more lenient with women, sometimes a woman will be prosecuted, but a man almost always will.   Perhaps something to do with Christian religion ('Man made in God's image') and it is imprinted in Western Societies' Unconscious Minds.

So, being naked in public is generally not acceptable, even though the Unconscious Mind accepts it as normal, and the Ego prevents it happening by stopping the influence of the Unconscious Mind reaching the Conscious Mind. I hope that makes sense?

The Ego is there to protect and is very strong – it has to be otherwise bad stuff would be flowing freely between our Unconscious and Conscious Minds.

Now when we get drunk, a certain phenomena takes place. The connection between our minds begins to separate. They move away from each other and the result is that the Ego is considerably weakened. It's power to prevent material from the Unconscious Mind surfacing no longer functions as well as it should.

On an esoteric level, you may understand it better if you accept that our physical bodies have a spiritual duplicate and under normal circumstances, they are in perfect alignment. Alcohol changes were that and as the Ego is the doorway between the Conscious Mind (physical body) and the Unconscious Mind (spiritual body) suppressed destructive material can get into the Conscious Mind and effect physical actions.

Because of this, instincts and deep rooted hidden feelings surface and the Conscious Mind and body react accordingly. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is bad. The violent person becomes gentle. The gentle person becomes violent. It all depends on what lies within the Unconscious Mind.

It has to be always remembered that one of the main functions of the Unconscious Mind is to protect the owner. If it believes, rightly or wrongly, that you are in danger, it will react in whatever way the Ego will allow it, to keep you safe.

Charles looked satisfied and relieved at my explanation and asked if it could happen again without alcohol being involved. I explained that it was like driving a car. When you are in full control, it is safer than walking along a footpath. But once you lose control, it is very dangerous.

The Treatment

In Charles' case, the alcohol had weakened the Ego, and an insult was seen as a danger. His Unconscious Mind reacted in the best way it thought possible, and the Ego allowed it to. Had the Ego not been weakened by alcohol, it would not have let violent actions surface into the Conscious Mind.

The treatment I gave Charles was geared towards diagnosing the reasons why he had become violent and to condition the Unconscious Mind into no longer needing to be violent to deal with similar threats. Obviously, there were background reasons, producing amongst other things resentment and anger. They had to be analysed and dealt with.

His treatment, although prolonged, was successful and as far as I am aware, Charles no longer displays violent tendencies, even after drinking small amounts of alcohol used to test how the therapy was progressing.


There is no doubt that under certain conditions the contents of the Unconscious Mind can have beneficial results if allowed to surface. When danger threatens, it is the Unconscious Mind that deals with it, so if the Ego’s trap door remained firmly shut, we would not be able to survive as human beings.

However, there are times, usually artificially produced, for example alcohol and drug abuse, when that trap door allows unwanted material to surface.

Hypnotherapy treatment can often help to control the Ego’s trap door and that is what I teach on my Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.




Hope you enjoyed this article.


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