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Thank Your Unconscious Mind

You’re Not Constipated


Unless you are already aware of my theories regarding the power of the Unconscious Mind to protect you, I would wager a lot of money you have no idea what I am talking about. Am I right?

Ok, if that is the case let me explain a few simple facts about the Unconscious Mind (sometimes referred to as the Subconscious).

Firstly let me say that it is one of the functions of the Unconscious Mind to protect you from harm and try to keep you healthy.

The Fight or Flight Response is part of that function.

The Fight or Flight Response

This is a primitive instinct that once protected our forefathers from danger when their lives were threatened. In those far off days, to run away from danger was just as acceptable as facing the danger. In those days, nobody would condemn you for protecting your life by running away in a cowardly fashion.

But today, of course, to run away, especially if you are in the military and involved in a battle, is seen as unacceptable. And that in itself can be the cause of massive amounts of stress

And yet, the primitive Reaction of ‘fight or flight’ is still part of our survival instinct. In other words, our instinct is to either face a danger or run away from it. To do this in the most effective way, the Unconscious Mind mobilises out body by pumping adrenalin into the blood stream and a dozen other functions that enable us to fight or run away.

Other Survival Tactics

There are also many other survival tactics that the Unconscious Mind employs to ensure you live a long life. And one of them is to change the five senses to what is acceptable to you personally.

An example being the sense of sight. When we fall truly in love, we do not see the true body and nature of the person we love. If we did, it would conflict with our feelings.

Also, when we look at ourselves in a mirror, we are not seeing exactly what is being reflected back at us, but what our Unconscious Mind believes is acceptable.

Some years ago research was carried out with number of overweight women and it was found that every one of them would see herself either thinner or fatter than she really was when looking into a full length mirror.

The sense of taste is another one that is changed by our Unconscious Mind. If it did not, we would all taste everything as others do and that would be, to say the least, boring.

A smoker will testify to the changes in the sense of smell. He or she finds the smell of cigarette smoke acceptable but to a non smoker, the smell is foul. There are certain exceptions to this, but that answers to why that is are another subject.


So what has constipation got to do with the Unconscious Mind?

Well, if you have not already guessed the answer, it is simply that the sense of smell is changed so that you, and only you, find the smell of your excrement or flatulence acceptable. To others it is not a pleasant smell. But if the Unconscious Mind did not change the smell, we would all be avoiding going to the toilet for as long as possible and, of course, we would all be constipated.

Not exactly what the Unconscious Mind would like you to be if it is to keep you in full health, wouldn’t you agree?


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