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I remember well the first time I declared my profession at a party.


I had only recently qualified as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and had been invited to an Anniversary Party by the owner of the building where I was renting office space.


There were about thirty to forty people there, all standing chatting with a glass in one hand and the other hand either in a trouser pocket or holding a purse (we call that a handbag in the U.K.).     I am basically a very shy person so I tried hard to melt into the background and just observe and listen to the conversations.


But to my horror, a young lady of about thirty years, wearing a pretty low cut flowered dress, a small delicate necklace with golden cross and holding a glass of what looked like a martini in her hand looked at me, smiled and started to walk over to me.


I tried to look as casual as possible and smiled back at her.


"Hi, my names Deborah.  I'm Peter's neighbour." she said with a low pleasant voice.


"Er..., I'm Robert.  I have an office on the second floor that I rent from Peter."


She smiled even broader and asked if I would like to be introduced to the other guests.  I replied that I would rather not at the moment as I am just settling in and the party was still in it's early stages.


"No problem Robert, just let me know when you would like me to show you around.  Have you had the office very long?"


"Only few weeks," i replied warming toward the girl, "Peter i a great landlord."


I could feel a warmness between us and knew that we could be good friends and as the conversation progressed, I realised that she had a caring personality that I liked very much.


And then she asked the fatal question.


"What do you do for a living Robert?"


I hesitated for a moment and then thought, what the heck, I had nothing I need hide, so I replied looking her directly in the eyes, "I'm a Hypnotherapist."


It was as though I had fired a gun at her.  Her mouth dropped open, she blinked and a look of fear cam into her eyes.


"Your a Hypnotist?  You hypnotise people and get them to do terrible things?  You don't look like a hypnotist!"


With that she turned around and walked away, joining in with a small group standing near the buffet table.


I could see her talking to them and they kept looking over at me with a strange look and that was the only conversation I had all night as everyone pretended I was not there.


As you can imagine, I felt gutted and swore I would never admit to being a Hypnotherapist again whilst at a party.


Fortunately that did not last long as I soon found myself at another party a few weeks later.


To be or Not to be a Hypnotherapist, That is The Question


I had obviously given great thought to my last experience and had come to the simple conclusion that Deborah's horror and shock was down to pure ignorance and I had decided that I would not let that happen again.


On this occasion it was a young man of about twenty two years of age who asked the fatal question, "What work are you in Robert?"


He had left a mixed group of about seven people to approach me and ask the question and when I told him his answer, he said, "Mmmmm!  Very interesting." and then returned to his group.


I stood for a minute or two and then decided I was not going to leave it at that and gathering up my courage walked over to the group.


"I am sorry to interrupt," I said addressing the young man, "but I couldn't help noticing that you looked a little shocked when I told you I practice Hypnotherapy."  I paused for an answer.  Then continued, "There are so many people who just don't understand what a Hypnotherapist does and I thought I would give you the chance to find out more about how I help people with their problems."


Strangely, I felt a wave of relief after saying that and not only in myself but also within the group.


One of the group almost shouted out, "I've always been fascinated with hypnosis.  Is that what you do to people?"


I laughed and replied, "Yes, of course, but that is only a very small part of the help I give.  Hypnotherapy isd much more than simple hypnosis.  Anyone can learn how to hypnotise, but how to use it to help others requires a full course of training."


"So what else do you do besides hypnotising people?"


That was the start of  a long and entertaining discussion that left not only the original group enlightened, but also about ten other people who joined in.   I was the centre of attention and I was loving it.  It was also giving me the opportunity to explain and show that a Hypnotherapist does not have two heads and that before becoming a Hypnotherapist I had to undergo a full Hypnotherapy training, that included psychology and a myriad of other subjects.


I left that party, having made a number of new friends and later to my delight, two new clients, with a feeling of satisfaction.


I promised myself that one day I would teach Hypnotherapy and run my own Hypnotherapy Training courses, which I did five years later.




Hope you enjoyed this article.


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