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   How Does Alcohol Change a Person's Personality

Alcohol affects people in different ways, but one of the most puzzling is why it changes a person's normal personality.

   My Simple Mind Produces Good Vibrations.

Everything of a physical and spiritual nature consists of vibrations, often described as energy. This article describes my proven theory on this subject.

   Thank Your Unconscious Mind you are not Constipated

The Unconscious Mind is a powerful part of evey human being. This article describes a small part of that power.

   Hypnotherapy, Placebos and Hypochondria

Hypnotherapy, Placebos and Hypochondria. Many Hypnotherapists would rather you did not know this.

   That Is Not What I Said! My Memory Is Making a Fool of me

Article 1 on how the memory works. This article gives an insight into why our memories are sometimes not all they should be.

   Hypnotize Yourself Right Now in 10 Easy Steps

Self Hypnosis the Key to Better Health? Here is a method that takes only10 steps and and will help you to learb to hypnotise yourself.

   Stop YOU smoking - you cannot be serious.

Stop YOU smoking - you cannot be serious. Only YOU can stop yourself smoking, all I can do is help This article is intended to help anyone stop smoking.

   How to Recognise a Type of Pain, an aid to therapists.

If you recognise what may be causing pain, you are more than half way to controlling it.

   The Common Myth About Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapists are often attributed with mystic powers, this reveals the truth

   My Body is Talking to Me, But I don't Speak It's Language

An article on Organ Language describing how the Unconscious Mind interoperates at a literal level

   I Spit on You! What else Can I do?

The Unconscious Mind controls the body's functions and can sometimes be responsible for personal problems. This is not intentional but the result of the Unconscious Mind believing it is protecting you. Hypnotherapy Training should involve this important aspect of psychology and this case history explains why.

   The Cry of a Crabbit Old Woman

A moving poem found in a hospital locker after the death of a patient.

   What is Hypnotherapy

A simple explanation on the uses and application of Hypnotherapy

    Learn Hypnotherapy

A short article on how to learn Hypnotherapy

    Resistance to Hypnosis Part I

Why is there Resistance to the Use of Hypnosis? (Taken from Course Notes)

To be or not to be a Hypnotist through Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

My experiences when admitting to be a Hypnotherapist at parties.

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