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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training tutor Robert Shields      Hi, Robert Shields here writing to you from the U.K.

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You do not need any special academic qualifications to learn hypnotherapy.  

All that is required is a mature attitude and the desire or need to help others with their problems.

This comes as a shock to many people as they sometimes believe that a qualified Hypnotherapist is a University graduate or at the least highly educated.      If that were so, there would very few Hypnotherapists worth visiting for help as from personal experience, the more academically qualified you are, the more out of touch with the real world you are.       No offence meant as this is a generalisation and not always the case.

Of course, to learn hypnotherapy you also have to have, in addition to a caring personality, the money to pay for the training.

Not very long ago, in the U.K. there was a course being run in London to teach anyone to become a Hypnotherapist and treat people who want to stop smoking.   The full training consisted of twelve hours of training, eight of them focusing on advertising, publicity and how to con a client into paying up to £250.00 for an hour's session.    Yes you read that right - how to CON people.

The cost of that course was £4000.00 with a 'promise' the cost would be earned within a month of starting a practice. How disgusting can some people get?       Those people should be put in prison for life as they are the worst of the worst in the world of Hypnotherapy trainers.

So what should you pay to learn Hypnotherapy?    The answer is whatever you think is fair.

Some Hypnotherapy courses cost as little as £5.00 (sold on eBay and total rubbish) and others cost literally thousands.     The usual practice with many training organisations is to charge a small fee to do a short course and then a large fee to complete the course and qualify.      £3000.00 to qualify is not uncommon.

There is also the question of whether you can learn Hypnotherapy by distance learning or if it is essential have hands on training. The author of this article believes that hands-on training is always desirable but there is no reason why Hypnotherapy cannot be learned through distance learning.    I have masses of proof that this is the case.

I've just watched a video where a Hypnotherapy Trainer from the U.K. is running a course in the U.S.A. and charging approximately £600.00 (plus the cost of transport and accommodation, of course, but not mentioned) for an 18 hour course.    He also promises to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Hypnotherapy in that eighteen hours - incredible. I have been a Hypnotherapist for over thirty years and I am still learning.

So the bottom line is, if you want to learn Hypnotherapy, do your research and be very careful as there are a lot of sharks out there trying to get you money.

The link below takes you to a course that is low cost, high quality and well established. It is worth considering taking the course and then, and only then, if you feel you need more training, pay the extra costs. In the long term, it will save you money if you are serious and want to learn Hypnotherapy from someone ethical and honest.


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