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The Common Myth

About Clinical Hypnotherapists


There is a myth about the ability a Hypnotherapist has to cure all illnesses.

It is mostly founded on the fact that a Hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to alleviate or totally resolve so many illnesses and the misguided belief that Clinical Hypnotherapist can control the mind through the use of hypnosis

Of course, it could be said that if hypnosis controls the mind and the mind controls both the body and our thinking processes, then hypnosis can transform any illness into full health, be it physical or mental.

If that were the case, then anyone practicing clinical hypnosis could simply rid the world of 98% of the ailments human beings suffer from, bearing in mind that nobody can prevent some viruses and bacteria creating illnesses.

The Truth

The simple and plain truth is that a Clinical Hypnotherapist is no different from any other therapist whose goal is to help a client return to normal behaviour and hopefully full health. The fact he uses hypnosis is a powerful persuasion tool, but hypnosis alone cannot rid the body of ailments. There has to be other factors involved, such as skilful counselling.

Hypnosis can influence the Unconscious Mind to change behaviour and certain beliefs and that in itself is a very powerful tool.

But it has limitations and those limitations must be seen for what they are worth.

For example, not everyone can be hypnotised by just anyone. The Unconscious Mind can see a hypnotist as a negative figure of authority from the past, for example an abusive mother or father. It does not use logic and a guy with a beard that resembles a client’s abusive uncle can sometimes be seen as that client’s uncle and there could be strong resistance against the Hypnotherapist’s attempts to help.

But, let me say this very clearly.

Everyone can be hypnotised.

It depends entirely on whether the Unconscious Mind accepts that or not.     If my Unconscious Mind believes that you can hypnotise me, then you can. If it does not, you cannot.   Some clients will swear that they believe they can be hypnotised, but that is at a conscious level, whereas at an unconscious level, the mind will not let hypnosis take place.  That can be for many reasons, including the one mentioned above.    In other words, everyone can be hypnotised but not by just any hypnotherapist.  The Clinical Hypnotherapist must be 100% acceptable to the Client's Unconscious Mind.


In a nutshell. The myth is wrong. Clinical Hypnotherapists can help a client to be free of many ailments, but certainly not all of them. If the Unconscious Mind wants to keep the ailment, you can be sure it will.

A skilled Hypnotherapist will manipulate the Unconscious Mind to co-operate and that is what Hypnotherapy is all about.


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