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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training tutor Robert Shields      Hi, Robert Shields here writing to you from the U.K.

My Body is Talking to Me,

but I Don't Speak It's Language

(A case history involving  Organ Language)

I once had a client that defied all medical help with a condition known as Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). 

He would often start sweating so badly that on the initial consultation he demonstrated to me how badly by holding his arm out, palm down and sweat dripped off his hand like a leaking tap.

He had spent fifteen years receiving treatment both medical and psychological without any improvement.

Hyperhidrosis, according to the allopathic medical fraternity, is incurable.

I took him into hypnosis and he proved to be an excellent subject and during his first regression session, he revealed the very beginning of the problem.

Let's see if you can guess what his real problem was from the result of his regression session.

He went back to the time he was conscripted into the British Army and found himself terrified at the situation he was in.  Surrounded 24 hours a day by macho men most of whom towered above him.  He was about five feet two inches tall and anyone taller than him intimidated him to the extent that he simply wanted to run away.  Due to his height and childhood, he lacked confidence and was easily intimidated.

One day, he recalled, he was standing in line waiting to see the medical officer to receive one of the many inoculations and vaccinations as is the custom in the Army, when he overheard two other soldiers talking in front of him.    The first one said something about how difficult it was to survive in the Army without being bullied by other solders and non commissioned officers.

The other replied that he agreed and it was only the 'old sweats' (a term for soldiers with lots of military experience) that managed to survive without problems.

Shortly after his inoculations, he started to sweat and it gradually got worse until eventually he was invalided out of the Army on medical grounds.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I found it quite easy to resolve his problem and, as far as I am aware, he has not had a heavy sweating session since the termination of his therapy sessions with me.

So!  Did you guess why he had the problem.  Yes, you are right.  His Unconscious Mind decided that being an 'old sweat' was a survival tactic and produced heavy sweating.  The Unconscious Mind takes on board normal language literally and tries to make sense of it to help to survive.

This is called Organ Language and it is one of the seven keys to psychosomatic illnesses that I reveal in my Hypnotherapy Course and I include how I resolved the above problem.


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