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I spit on you!


What else can I do?


Some years ago I ushered a client into my consulting room.  He had come to see me as he thought that Hypnotherapy would help him with an embarrassing personal problem.

For a year he had been unable to swallow his spittle.  The result was that he had to carry a bundle of handkerchiefs everywhere he went and when his mouth filled with spittle, he had to spit it into a handkerchief. 

Not only was this socially unacceptable but it also spilled over into his relationship with his wife.   I obviously do not want to paint a picture of what his bedroom activities consisted of, but let's just say his wife was not happy with them. 

For the sake of describing his sessions with me, I will call him John. 

John came to me only after all other avenues had been explored and failed.  He was a very unhappy man and the story he told me about his life before the problem started was one of success in the building industry. 

He had been in partnership with his best friend and through hard work and dedication, they had built a very successful business, and more importantly, he was respected for his success. 

Unfortunately, he was a an excellent builder but not an astute business man and he was sent into a deep shock when approximately three years earlier his partner absconded with all of the business assets, leaving him to sort out debts and unfinished work. 

John was an honourable and honest man and fought the feelings of betrayal and depression and eventually managed to get his business back up and running.  Even so, it was not as successful as before, but he was happy to just be able to hold his head high and earn a comfortable living.   However, about two years after his partner betrayed him, he developed a lack of being able to swallow his spittle. 

I learned all I needed to know during his first visit and then arranged a series of therapies with him to help with his problem. 

The Therapy

All Hypnotherapy Training Courses will advise you that you must always analyse a presenting symptom through the use of hypnosis and in particular hypnotic regression techniques.   I agree with that, but only so far, as I believe that the initial consultation can almost always give you important clues as to what causes a client's problem. 

Sometimes, regression hypnosis is not required and in this case, I believed that as the presenting symptoms were physical, it was almost certain that there was a psychological reason for it. 

Also I knew that through my own teachings on Organ Language and the Delayed Shock Symptoms, that there was a definite pattern involved. 

So, the second session consisted of using hypnosis to take him back in time to the moment he found out his ex-partner had stolen his money and ruined his business. 

He was extremely emotional and when I asked him what he thought of his partner's act, he replied with anguish in his voice that he 'just could not swallow it'.   


That was the clue I was looking for.  My students know from my Hypnotherapy Course that the Unconscious Mind translates literally words and sayings into physical actions or illnesses.  We have expressions such as, 'I cannot stomach that'  which leads to stomach problems.  Or, 'I need to get it off my chest' that leads to chest complaints.  'I cannot swallow that' is another expression we use in the English language. 

What many Hypnotherapists and Psychologists do not know is that it can take upwards of two years before the Unconscious Mind will manifest an illness as a result of such sayings. 

John's case was typical and easily resolved. 

A further four sessions used to influence the Unconscious Mind into changing the outcome of the unfortunate saying, resolved the problem.  

This case illustrates the fascinating side to Hypnotherapy and emphasises the importance in good hypnotherapy training courses. 


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