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Stop YOU Smoking?

You Cannot be Serious! 

As a Hypnotherapist of many, many years, and as a Hypnotherapy Training instructor, if I had a penny for every time I have been asked if I can stop someone smoking, I would be able to afford a first class ticket on my next flight to The Philippines.

Stop Smoking and Losing Weight are known in the trade as the 'bread and butter' of a Hypnotherapist's practice and most people forget that a Hypnotherapist deals with a wide variety of problems, smoking and losing weight being only a small part of them.

However, many people who have seen a stage hypnotist perform his 'amazing control' (see my other article on stage hypnosis later in this series) over some poor 'volunteer' on stage, actually believes that a Hypnotherapist need only put a person into a trance, and with a snap of the fingers command him or her to "STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY" and like magic, that person will never smoke again. Of course that is pure nonsense!

Others believe that a Hypnotherapist can implant a suggestion in the mind that makes cigarettes taste repulsive, making it impossible to smoke a cigarette without vomiting. Again, that is nonsense, even though it is possible.

The simple truth is that no Hypnotherapist in the world can stop someone smoking!

Yes, you read that right!   Nobody can stop you smoking!

However, a good Hypnotherapist can help you to stop.

Note the difference.  Help you, not stop you. If you do not want to stop smoking, nobody on this earth can make you, unless you are locked up in a room with no windows and a straight jacket. Even if you had no money to buy cigarettes, you would do what so many people in war-time Britain did, look for discarded cigarette butts and collect them, roll them up in a cigarette paper and then with a look of content, smoke them.

So when someone asks me if I can stop them smoking, my reply is always,

"No, but if you really do want to stop smoking, and for yourself and not for someone else or if you are not being pressured into it, I can probably succeed in helping you to stop."

Why oh Why?

The reason for this is also quite simple. A smoker needs to smoke and that need is at an unconscious level.

As the Unconscious Mind is far, far stronger than the Conscious Mind, it will ALWAYS win a war between the two. Ok, sometimes the Conscious Mind wins a battle (I call this The Spartacus Factor) and there is a brief period when no smoking takes place, but in the end, the war is won by the Unconscious mind, and smoking takes place.

A good Hypnotherapist, therefore, will know that and deal with the smoking problem at an Unconscious level and even though a smoker may say he or she wants to stop smoking at a conscious level, it is necessary to get the Unconscious to co-operate. Otherwise, the Hypnotherapist is not doing his job.

That's where hypnosis takes place as it gives a Hypnotherapist access to the Unconscious Mind and with skilful manipulation, the Unconscious will help the smoker to stop permanently.

Any Hypnotherapist that claims he or she can stop you smoking, especially if the claim is with one single session, is simply taking your money under false pretences.


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