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Why is there Resistance to the Use of Hypnosis?

Part 1


As we go through life, especially when young, we are subject to powerful suggestions that are often subliminal (without conscious awareness) and as such we are unaware of them at a conscious level.

To give an example of a childhood subliminal suggestion, consider the powerful effects a father or mother has on a child, without any of the involved persons being aware.   

Mother says to father, in the presence of her child, that she dislikes the 'people next door'.   

You can be sure that the child will also begin to dislike 'the people next door' and without any obvious reason.     Under normal circumstances, the child would make up his or her own mind about what is liked or disliked, but a suggestion from a powerful figure has been implanted in his or her Unconscious Mind.    It may have even implanted an irrational dislike for anyone who is a 'neighbour'.

Another example is a child suffering with a chest ailment.   Normally the child will recover and the illness will be forgotten.   But imagine a doctor (a very powerful figure to the Unconscious) is present and he is whispering to the child's mother that in his opinion, "The child will always have a weak chest.”    Supposing the child hears what the doctor says.    It could possibly implant into the child's mind that for the rest of his or her life, that there will be a weakness in the chest - hence such illnesses as asthma appearing without any obvious cause.  

As we all know, a psychosomatic illness is just as disabling as an actual illness and the mind can EASILY produce ANY illness that it feels is appropriate.    

Why do you think so many illnesses baffle doctors?     

I maintain that the mind can do anything with your body - make you fat, make you thin.   Make you strong, weak, short-sighted, long-sighted, bald, make illnesses short-term or long-term.  Yes, anything!     Ask any motivational speaker about the importance of the mind in becoming successful.   The answer will be that the mind is the most important aspect of success.  Keep my statement firmly in your mind and the mystery surrounding many illnesses will become clear.  

This is also the foundation stone to all Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment.  

Twenty years ago, if I had said that bone can be re-grown, you would have laughed.   Well I did say that exact same thing twenty years ago and now it is a scientific fact.     Also about twenty years ago, I said that some cancers were the product of the mind.    At that time it was thought that asbestos was the only cause and it was unthinkable that our own mind could produce such a horrific illness.   Now we know it to be a fact.   There is ample literature to back this up.   Research this for yourself and look for 'personality Types and Cancer'. 

Is it not strange that when science accepts the 'impossible', the 'impossible' becomes 'common' and they claim to have discovered it? 

As we get older, we build up defences against unwanted suggestions (sometimes seen as rebellious behaviour) and it becomes more difficult for a suggestion to get into the Unconscious Mind.    These defences are discussed later in the course, but can be simply described as the  contents of the 'ego' which I like to call our 'Gatekeeper'. 

However, when our Gatekeeper is off-guard or 'asleep', suggestions can get past it and into the Unconscious Mind (sometimes described as the Subconscious).    An example of this is that we allow a suggestion to enter into our Unconscious Mind without censure. when our conscious mind is distracted or we feel very relaxed (watching Television for example distracts the ego and it does not censor, e.g.  "Daddy can I play with your chainsaw?" - "Yes son, but do it outside as I am watching TV."),   

And so, 

·          stories about someone being hypnotised and controlled, especially if told to us when we are children, 

·          the typical rubbish portrayed on TV about hypnosis, 

·          films that also show hypnosis as some magical power tool that allows the hypnotist to do whatever, he or she wants with a subject

·          watching stage hypnosis when the subjects appear to be 'under the complete control of the hypnotist, etc. etc.

all contribute to an Unconscious fear of entering into hypnosis.    The truth is:


Stop and think for a moment.    Have you ever seen a public demonstration of hypnosis when subjects have been asked to do ANYTHING that would normally be against their MORAL or RELIGIOUS convictions?  For example, to stand up and shout that 'the Pope was really a Nazi' or 'Jesus lied all the time', or to do a real strip tease down the bare buff?    Of course, you have not.   The hypnotist has more sense as he, or she, knows that to ask someone to do any of the above whilst under hypnosis, would simply result in most subjects refusing to do so, or coming immediately out of the hypnosis.

Oh - before I go on, just let me say that if you have seen someone doing something obnoxious whilst under hypnosis, believe me, that person would have done the same thing whilst fully conscious.   The hypnosis is used ONLY as an excuse to do the unusual.      

On the many live courses I have run, I have sometimes been challenged on this.    My answer has always been - "OK, hypnotise me and get me to take my trousers off.   You’ll only succeed if you offer me a strong enough incentive, for example a large sum of money or 'what-ever' (use your imagination!!!).   If you succeed, now or at any time during the course, I will give you my car and enough money to run it for a year."    I still have my car (and my trousers)!

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