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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training tutor Robert Shields      Hi, Robert Shields here writing to you from the U.K.

 My Simple Mind 

Produces Good Vibrations.

But Not all the Time!

My Opinion on Research Results into Homeopathy,

Psychics and Alternative Healing and Whole Body Vibrations

Research in Europe has shown that there is no measurable medicinal content in Homeopathic tablets, Using double blind research techniques, which means they gave placebo tablets to one group and homeopathic tablets to a similar number of subjects in another group, they found that the healing results were the same in both groups.

The conclusion is that homeopathic medicine can be beneficial, but only because of the expectancy of the patient. In other words, the mind controlled the healing result through whole body vibrations.  Please continue to read to understand this concept.

Over one hundred years ago, scientists did everything in their power to establish whether there was such a thing as psychic phenomena. They experimented with all sorts of psychics, trance mediums, transfiguration, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

Their conclusion was that science could find no proof that there was any such thing as a spirit world and therefore all of the phenomena they had witnessed had to be trickery.

Since then there have been numerous experiments and research into all sorts of psychic phenomena and alternative healing.

All came out in favour of the simple theory that if science cannot measure it, it does not exist.  What utter nonsense!    The fact that the techniques used in Vibrational Healing therapy cannot be measured with instruments and yet it is often successful.

The Truth

Personally I'm a simple person who accepts simple explanations to the most complex riddles. I find that complicated explanations bore me. I mean absolutely bore me. I prefer someone to explain in simple terms so that I understand and I'm afraid the vast majority of scientists (not all as there are exceptions) do not have that ability. Ask any student who has sat through lectures and very few can say that the academically qualified lecturers explained the subjects they were learning in simple terms.

So, I am going to practice what I preach and 'explain' what I believe to be the truth behind homeopathy, Alternative Healing (such as Spiritual Healing) and Psychic Phenomena and the concept of whole body vibrations.   And, before you ask me, yes they are related as they function in a similar way.

Ok, so here I go:

Good vibrations produce beneficial results and

bad vibrations produce negative results.

But what do I mean by that?

I mean that I agree with science when it says that everything in life vibrates. They have discovered the smallest atom (I believe it is an iota) and found that they all vibrate at different speeds and that their centre is empty space. Albeit, Albert Einstein discovered that in 1925.

The human body itself is a conglomeration of tiny atoms all vibrating at different speed. The chair you sit on is similar with those atoms but vibrating at a slower speed.

If it were possible to produce two items vibrating at exactly the same speed, then they would simply pass through each other - scientific fact!

It is also fact that if something vibrates very quickly, it appears to disappear, even though it is still there.  The eyes are not capable at a physical level to see the fast vibrations.

There was a time when science insisted that there were only seven colours of the spectrum. That was because that was all the human eye could see. Now they accept that there are two further colours, infra red and ultra violet.

Science also accepted, and insisted, that colours vibrated and it was the lack of a certain vibration that produced the colour, for example, the lack of all seven vibrations produced black, whereas, all the seven colours added together produced a vibration that we see as white.

Ok, so supposing I accept that both science and myself have now convinced you that everything on this Planet vibrates and that it is only the different speed of the vibrations that separate everything.

If we have, let's see if I can prove to you that a simple theory, based on vibrations, can give you the answer to, not only homeopathy and psychic phenomena, but also to life itself.

Logic and Common Sense

Millions of people believe that as humans we consist of both a physical body and a spiritual body. The physical body lives on this Earth for a number of years and then ceases to exist and the spirit body lives forever and never ceases to exist.

There are a multitude of beliefs as to what happens after death, but let's keep it simple. The body dies and the spirit lives on.

If you believe that, it makes my work easier, but if you believe the physical body is the be-all and end-all of our existence, then I respect that and would not even try to convince you otherwise, so the rest of this article may not be of interest, but it is still worth you reading it.

The Human Body consists of a multitude of vibrations all at different speeds and all within a given range. The skin vibrates at a different rate to the internal organs and when the skin touches another part of the skin, it stops right there preventing intrusion into the body.  The whole body has vibrations at different speeds.

Let's call this the physical body.

The physical body has a brain. We can, therefore, consider this as the 'physical brain', which, like the rest of the physical body, can be studied and measured with our physical machines. We know a lot about the physical body and will continue to learn more as time goes by. Medical science is producing more and more incredible machines to diagnose and probe into it. No doubt the day will arrive when there is nothing left to learn the human body.

We see the physical body and all other physical objects with our physical eyes.

In other words, our physical eyes vibrate at a speed that allows them to see only physical objects.

It also seems logical to me that if we have a physical body, we can also have a spiritual body. After all, to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in this world that does not have an opposite and a spiritual body would be an opposite to a physical body.

So that other body would also vibrate within it's own range.

Let's call that the 'spiritual body'.

Note: at this stage, I am not talking about the soul as that is another subject.

The spiritual body is identical in every way to the physical body. It also has a 'brain', but it cannot be seen or measured and researchers call it 'the mind'.

Remember that I said the spiritual body cannot be destroyed and lives forever, and so the mind contains everything it has ever learned and depending on your beliefs, even more than that. Again, another subject.

The spiritual body has spiritual eyes vibrating at different speeds to the physical eyes are thus able to see all other spiritual beings and things. In other words, the spiritual eyes can see 'spirit'.

Infra-Red and Ultra-violet - these two colour vibrate at a 'spiritual' rate and therefore cannot be seen by the physical eye. Yet they do exist. They also have healing properties that effect the spiritual body. Again, that is another subject.

There are other things that cannot be seen and yet most certainly exist. Electricity and magnetism are only two.

So, in simple terms, the physical body has a physical brain that can be measured by physical machines and observed and researched by scientists who tend to use only their physical brains.

The spiritual body has a spiritual brain (the mind) which cannot be seen or measured by physical means. (Kirlean photography can photograph electrical emanations but that is not necessarily the spiritual body).

Homeopathy mostly deals with the spiritual body. The vibrations of the medicines treat the spiritual body because they are both within the same vibrational range. The lower strength remedies treat the vibrational range that exists between the physical and the spiritual body. The skill of a homeopath lies in the correct strength remedy being prescribed for the illness being treated.

Homeopathic remedies are diluted to a strength that cannot me measured by physical machines. They are, in effect, pure energy that cannot be seen by a physical eye (even with the help of powerful microscopes). A homeopathic remedy is in reality, treating that part of the spiritual body that has created a physical illness. (Homeopaths please don't take offence at this simplistic explanation as I know and agree that there is much, much more to homeopathy).

The Psychics (the genuine ones!), on the other hand, are not treating illnesses (unless the psychic is a spiritual healer). However, the principles of psychic phenomena are identical in-as-much-as the psychic is using their spiritual eyes, ears or sensations when using their psychic abilities. Their spiritual bodies are communicating with the spiritual body of the client or communicating with those spirit bodies that do not have physical forms.


So do you now see the simplicity of it all?

Physical treats physical. Spiritual treats spiritual.

Scientific research does not have the spiritual tools to research that which is spiritual and cannot, therefore on many occasions reach a convincing conclusion.

If there is a spirit world, then it is reasonable to assume that the spiritual eyes can see it and the spiritual ears hear it.

It is fact that everything on Earth vibrates and exists. So why would it be so impossible for one world, or indeed many worlds, to exist, all vibrating on different frequencies and yet unable to see or feel the other. After all, there are millions of radio and television waves surrounding us and only with the magic of a transmitter and a receiver can we hear them and see them.

Is it so hard to believe, therefore, that as you sit and read this that there are other 'invisible' people all around you getting on with their lives and unable to see, hear or touch you; or indeed be remotely interested in you?

Think carefully about what I have said and many mysteries of life become clear to you.

BTW. I originally wrote the above about thirty years ago and teach this theory on my Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.  It is controversial, but to me it explains so many mysteries in life.

You may have heard of The Secret.  It is an incredible video and if you would like to see part of The Secret that was cut from the final copy click here and you will see that my views are confirmed.

 I hope the above helps in you some way to understand the importance of whole body vibrations and their place in healing..  Indeed Vibrational Healing is quickly becoming a very popular method of healing in the western world.


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